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Annette's Pajama Party

Annette's Pajama Party (Buena Vista, released November 1964).  The last Annette LP officially tied to a specific AIP Beach Party film, and one of the more interesting ones.

This LP is popular – quite popular, in fact -- among collectors, primarily because of the very un-Disney-esque, cheese-cakey pictures of Annette in bedtime “attire” on the gatefold cover (which are only the "teasers;" the pictures of Annette on the inside covers leave even less to the imagination, per the example below).   Frankly, given the previously mentioned “urban legend” about Walt Disney decreeing Funicello never be involved in any "suggestive" sequences in Beach Party movies, one is left wondering how on earth the Buena Vista designers ever got this album cover approved.

But don’t let that issue distract you, for this is the LP featuring perhaps one of the most “musical” of the Beach Party movies.


Which leads us to the vinyl itself, both sides consisting of material from the AIP film Pajama Party, which next to The Ghost In The Invisible Bikini had the smallest number of songs of any of the movies in the series.  Despite that, to quote the increasingly infamous Martha Stewart, there are more than a handful of really good things here: the uptempo title cut which starts off the record, two nice Styner-Hemric ballads (There Has To Be A Reason , a solo version of her wonderful duet in the film, and Stuffed Animal; the latter having some notoriety that is discussed in the section of this site about the movie itself) as well as three decent instrumentals of the dance music from the movie.  All of the latter are good, but the particularly choice one is the cover of Beach Ball (when it came to studio musicians, Disneyland Records Music Director Tutti Camrata hired the best in the business and that really shows on this record).  And in a rare exception from all of Annette's other albums, the record even includes a solo cut performed by another artist (film guest star Dorothy Lamour, who does her “Where Did I Go Wrong” number from the film).  Interestingly, it also includes a jazzy number with a rather complex syncopation, one that most viewers of the film won't recognize: The Maid And The Martian is the title number from the similarly-named version of the movie that was released (one I've never seen on broadcast or video).  

Annette's Pajama Party was originally released in mono (BV-3325) and stereo (STER-3325).  It has never been re-released in any format.

Availability:  this is probably the hardest Annette Beach Party album to track down.  It wasn’t a big seller, has the same gatefold problem as Annette at Bikini Beach and again is highly popular with collectors because of the cheese-cakey cover.  Copies come up on the web auction sites infrequently and tend to go for serious dollars.

Related singles:  none, this is the only Annette Beach Party related LP that produced no singles.

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